We at MyGrams as very proud of our brand ambassadors. This is the reason why we have decided to feature them in a series of interviews. Our first interviewee is with Mariela Bekyarska, a rising name on the international bodybuilding stage.

Hello Mariela. Tell us a little bit about yourself.


Hi! My name is Mariela. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

I have always been into sports from a very young age. Probably it is due to my overall competitive nature, but I have always strived to be the best in whatever it was that I ever got into doing.

I was 10 when I started dancing and ever since it has been something that I love. In 2007 I got into modeling with Visage Groups. For me, taking part in beauty contests, were the first steps on a stage for me. You could boldly say that I liked it.

A few years later I moved to the United Kingdom in 2009, along with my family. Here I went to college and studied Art, Design, and Fashion for 2 years. Later on, I took courses in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in London. It is interesting because taking those business courses, I gained some very valuable understanding and knowledge of how important is to have the right mindset, not just in business but in everything you are doing.

This experience inspired me to try and start a business of my own, which focuses on making Bikini Suits for female competitors.


When did you first go to a gym?


I was 16 years old and it was during the time I was at college. There was an announcement that a college gym was opening and that we could visit it and train there every Friday. So I and some of my classmates decided to try it.

I remember that in the beginning, I was only using the cardio equipment. It was because somebody had told me that lifting weights would make me look masculine. I’ve since learned that this isn’t true.

At that point I had no idea what healthy lifestyle was, what was right and what was wrong about training and nutrition was an enigma to, let alone knowing what macros are. But all of that was perfectly fine because I loved the routine of visiting the gym with my friends every Friday.


How did going to the gym make you feel?


I had no clue what I was doing, but there was that great feeling of accomplishment I used to get after every training session. I felt full of energy and deep down I was proud of myself that I found time to do what makes me feel great. I’ve never stopped enjoying this feeling.


What made you like it?


I remember noticing how my body changed in a way I never imagined possible before. This, combined with the fact that what I was doing was something that made me feel great every single time I was doing it, well It was pretty obvious for me that I was to continue. Soon I started challenging myself. I wanted to sort of test willpower and see how far I can go with something that requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and consistency. And here I am, still going forward.


When did you decide that bodybuilding is something you wanted to do?


I used to watch motivational videos of female bikini champions, training and having these amazing bodies ready for the magazine covers! I felt like I wanted to at least try to see if I would be able to achieve this as well.

So in 2015, I began researching hard on the topics of nutrition, training, metabolic processes and what it takes to become a bikini champion. Every morning I was watching the vlogs of girls who were doing competitions, they were sharing their experiences, giving tips and speaking about all the things, that back then was so new, yet so very exciting to me. So I decided that I was going for it. I didn’t have a coach at that time. I began preparing myself for my very 1st ever competition which was in 2016 with FMC (Fitness Models Comps), in which I placed 1st in the Fitness Model Category.

I was over the moon and that was the moment in which everything clicked, and then I knew that this is what I loved doing and that I wanted to continue doing it. I love bodybuilding, I love being on the stage, glammed up and in the best shape of my life at that moment and time, to me, it just feels right – it makes me accomplished. Having a set goal is something that I love. The whole idea of having a vision and pushing your body to the limits, just to see how far you could actually get, and what else can you possibly achieve, is a thrill like no other.


How hard was it for you to switch from casual to professional?

I still haven’t achieved a PRO status yet. But this is definitely one of my current goals for the 2019 competing season.


Now that you really know what bodybuilding is all about, is there anything that you wish you had known earlier?


Every day of our lives we learn something new, and yes, of course, I wish I had known some things from the very beginning, but developing and improving is part of what makes life exciting, isn’t it? I’ve gained a lot of experience ever since I started training, and I am still learning to this day, maybe, in fact, the most important lessons are still to be learned. Just to give you an example prior to me deciding to become a competitive athlete, I had never counted calories before; I had never weighed my food; I had no idea what macros were, and I never even realized how important sleep is to your body. I’ve learned that all of those along with training, are essential aspects, that you need to understand if you want to be a competitive athlete, or simply want to lead a healthy lifestyle.
If I wish I had known something beforehand, maybe it’s knowing what “facts” were myths, and which were the ones that actually were true. Nowadays there are so many myths out there that sometimes even I find it difficult to know what to believe to true or false.
And last but not least I wish that I had known my personal trainer earlier in my career. He himself has taught me so much, that it would be impossible to say it all in this interview. So once more thank you to Oliver Carson!

How would a product like MyGrams improve your routine and ease your daily life?

Having a product such as MyGrams is something that will make my life so much easier and help me stay on track with my diet everywhere I go. I think it is an incredible innovation that will change people’s lives and motivate them to be healthier and have a better quality of life. I know for sure that it would change mine. For competitors is an absolute must-have! I definitely wish that I was around when I started training!


Thank you Mariela for this interview!

Thank you!

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