For this interview, we have invited Slaveya and Dimitar to answer a few questions that we have. They are the owners of Beauty and Beast Bodybuilding, and have been our influencers since the end of 2018, and we thought that it would be great to hear what they have to say, regarding topics we find very important and interesting.


We have already introduced you, but please tell us some more about you. What are you involved in right now?

Hello, we’re glad to be giving this interview. To briefly answer your question, we live a balanced lifestyle by eating healthy and training smart. The process is quite enjoyable, thus we want to share it this with everyone. We consider ourselves mentors and not just mere personal trainers. There is a distinct difference from what we are trying to teach. Our focus doesn’t just fall on the food and training, it is much more than that. The process of achieving good physical health could be a joyful experience, and this is exactly what we want people to know. The content that’s published on our channel is carefully selected and always abiding by the latest researches and trends in the field of sports and nutrition. But our focus doesn’t fall just on the facts, for it is results that really matter in the end.


When was the first time that you ever started thinking about your food and way of life?

Slaveya: I personally have always been very physically active. From a very early age my parents started to encourage me to do some sports, and as a matter of fact, they haven’t stopped to this day. Although I had been a very sporty person, the first time I ever laid my foot in a gym was during my first year of university. Shortly afterward I met Dimitar. He had already been visiting the gym, so understandably he had a lot of knowledge, not only about training but also about proper eating. It is safe to say that Dimitar kindled my interest in training and a healthy lifestyle in general. It was only after I got into nutrition monitoring and intake calculations when I started to really understand how important food is to our body. The more I’ve read and educated myself on the topic of nutrition, the more I’ve realized that other than training it is all about creating a harmonious diet. I like to say that once you change the way you eat, then you change your way of thinking as well.


Dimitar: I was 15 when I first entered a gym. In the beginning, it was just something that I did in my spare time. But it didn’t take long for it to become a passion of mine. Knowing that it was something I loved I decided to further my knowledge of bodybuilding, so I took the course of Menno Henselmann – Bayesian Bodybuilding, which gave me a foundation, which was based on both science and fitness. I realized that in order to up my game, I had to educate myself and understand how our body was processing different types of food and nutrients, which required me to delve into topics like molecular biology and biochemistry. My beliefs and understandings have changed a lot since I started out. To give you an example I used to think that chicken and rice 8 times a day was the correct way of eating. Now I know how to carve a proper and balanced meal, without sacrificing any valuable components. The road was quite long and it involved a lot of experimenting with different techniques and methods, with me being the test subject. I am still learning to this day, and with researches being constantly published, I doubt that I will ever know all there is about nutrients and correct ways of eating.


So you have been doing that for a while, what is the reason which made you decide that this lifestyle is something that you wanted to do?

We have been living a proper healthy lifestyle for about 3 years now, and we have enjoyed every minute of the process. Curiosity is what made us want to try it, but it was the results, which we saw with each passing day, that made us really love our lifestyle. Many people think that you need to have a very strong motivation to achieve what you want, the truth is that motivation comes with results, and the main secret is consistency.



Is there a food that you used to eat a lot but have since reduced it or overall stopped eating?

We usually eat everything that matches our nutrition goal. We believe that every food can bring some positives, one has good nutritional value, while others – well others just make us happy haha. We do not get rid of anything, it’s just about eating it smart. For example, just like most people, we like burgers and french fries. If you think we are not eating french fries and burgers, we would have to disappoint you, because we eat burgers, it’s just that but we do not eat them every day. When we choose our food we are looking for the right nutrients in it, but everyone needs a piece of chocolate from time to time. The beauty is in the balance, as simple as that.


Are there days when you feel like you don’t want to eat healthily, and just want to order pizza and lay in bed all day?

We all have these moments of laziness, we are no exception. The key is to know how to handle these days. For example, women have this kind of days every month, they just want to eat more sweet things than ever before. There is a metabolic reason for that, and it has all to do with the hormonal changes, that occur in the female body throughout the month. Males have fewer of these days, yet they occur every once in a while. The important thing is, to know how to handle stress and laziness by doing more positive stuff. Don’t do anything stressful, be more active, and spend more time with friends and loved ones. We follow a flexible diet or IIFYM. Thus we never reach “cheat days” or starvation. All the people we work with are being taught the same thing, which is how to eat wisely without needing to suffer. Be smart about how you choose your food, establish the right habits and you won’t be so worried about dieting.



You have turned your lifestyle into a business, tell us a bit about your channel, what are your goals and what you want to achieve with it?

In truth, everything happened spontaneously, there was no grand plan or anything, we just decided to make a channel and show people a different perspective of the fitness industry. When we created the channel we first started with Youtube videos, a few articles on the Facebook page and a lot of pictures with useful information. Our ambitions are to grow our channel and help more people who need information regarding gym and nutrition. Our goal is to create a community of people with similar interests, by doing our best to help them educate and get them to think outside of the box. We want them to achieve their goals and all the while enjoying the process. Unfortunately, these days it is quite easy to get lost in the sea of information, especially when it is about fitness and nutrition. We want to educate everybody. We believe that everyone can feel good in their own body, exercise regularly and eat properly and at the same time have enough spare time for everything else. We are a perfect example of how important the right motivation is.


How aware are you about your food, regarding the amount and type of nutrients that you are eating, and is it a must to monitor it all?

It depends, and quite a lot of things are considered. For example, people suffering from certain health conditions must constantly and strictly monitor their food intakes, for example, diabetics need to monitor their carbs. But if such a condition is absent, you do not have to do it at all costs, it has more to do with the preset goals. A second example would be if you an athlete and you are preparing for a  competition and there are strict norms regarding weight, then you would most likely need to monitor your food. But when it comes to an average person who is asked to follow some outrageous diets by their instructor, we say – “No, stop!”.  Instead one needs to learn the importance of certain nutrients and which food contains what. We have had a lot of observations and most of the people do not have the slightest idea of what their food contains. Stuff like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, are all unknown for most of the people, or they are just a thing they’ve heard but know nothing about. So the problem occurs when they can not figure out the right quantity and even quality of food, that it is best for them to consume. In one of the articles we uploaded on our page we intended to show how differently 200 calories can look. How 24 grams of one food can equate to a pound of another in calories.


Would a product like MyGrams be of help to you and for a person with a similar lifestyle?

When we heard about it, we were very impressed. For people like us who monitor their food, having a device like that, fitting in your pocket and being with you all the time, is simply amazing. This would help us a lot. Something so small, giving you the ability to carry around, would be a radical change in your way of life.



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