For this interview, we have invited Alexander Vafiadis, who is another influencer of MyGrams to tell us a bit about his life as a bodybuilder. He has been into the art of carving his body physique for several years now and has won several competitions and placed in the top three on the international stage of bodybuilding. Alexander is a great professional, and we are very proud to have him in our team of influencers.


Hello Alex

We have already introduced you, but please tell us briefly who you are.

I’m Alexander Vafiadis, I’m 26 years of age born and raised in England and I’m a Men’s Physique Athlete that specifically utilizes hypertrophy training to build muscle.


When was the first time that you ever entered a gym, and did you feel anything special about it? Or did it require more time for your interest to spark?

I remember being a very good around athlete in school and rowing was my main sport so my school teacher took us to the gym when I was 15/16 years old. Instantly lifting weights my classmates were surprised by the muscle definition in my arms and back but this did not spark my interest in lifting weights. It wasn’t until I was 17 years old I started lifting weights at home and started to see some serious results, I then moved on to a gym in town while I was at university this is where it began to get serious.


You have been doing what you like for quite some time now, but when did it all click, and you realized that bodybuilding was something that you want to make a career out of?

It wasn’t until I was about 3  years into gym training that someone told me I should compete in a bodybuilding show.

I then did some research on bodybuilding shows and in 2014 I booked my first show and placed second becoming a WBFF PRO. This was when I knew I wanted a career in Bodybuilding.

This may sound odd, but what was your favorite exercise or muscle group, and has your favorite changed over time?

My favorite muscle group has to be back training primarily because it’s been my weakness for the past 3 years and working on my weakness has made it one of my favorite. So many incredible compound lifts for the back such as rack pulls and barbell rows make it a real challenge when stepping in the gym.


So it is safe to say that you are a man who enjoys working on his weaknesses, and overall improve as much as possible.

You already said that you love bodybuilding both as a lifestyle and as a sport, but do you ever have days when you just feel off and not wanting to visit the gym?

I know for a fact anyone who has a passion for something has one of those days where they don’t feel like doing what they love. It happens but most who know their craft will understand that if they do it, in the end, you feel more accomplished. I very rarely miss training unless it’s for a good reason and what always keeps me going is if I’m not working then the other guy is. I don’t like being outworks.


Now that you know what you are doing, and obviously you are doing it right – could you tell us what is the connection between food and bodybuilding?

Anyone wanting to be a bodybuilder must understand they need to be on a particular diet to do so. I balanced source of Proteins, Fats and Carbs is crucial to seeing results.

As your pushing weights up in the gym and getting stronger you then need to start pushing your food intake up to grow muscle.

Could you describe to us how your typical day goes?

Throughout a single day, I will either train in the morning before work so I will be in the gym by 6am till 7.30am and be in work for 8am to 8pm. In this time I will eat roughly 6 times in a day and be in bed by 11pm to be up again for 4.30am to repeat the same process.

What about whenever you are off-season, maybe off on a holiday, do you train during that time, and are you as pedantic about your food as you usually are required to be?

When I go on holiday I am much more relaxed when it comes to food, I tend to eat what I want but make sure I prioritize protein meals. I do still train on holiday but not with the same intensity. I just like staying active while I’m away it makes me feel good.


It sounds like you need to constantly be aware of your diet, even when you are resting. Does this mean that MyGrams would be of great help to you?

I am constantly aware of what I’m eating, I weigh my food every single day unless I eat out. This means I use my scale every day at least 3 times without fail. MyGrams would be a super piece of kit that I would use on a daily basis and when I end up competing abroad  MyGrams will be there in my pocket to assist me.


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