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Take control of your fitness goals by improving your diet. Track your calories, proteins and food additives. Most easy and convenient way to accurately log your food intakes.

How the MyGrams scale works

Step 1

Turn on the MyGrams Application and select the product you want to weight.

Step 2

Place your product on the scale and press “Weight”.

Step 3

The weight and all nutrition facts will be displayed on your screen.

MyGrams helps you excel at the Gym.


Your personal food scale.

It is very important to know the amount of each food or food additive one is taking, when you have gains set as goals. The equation for increasing muscle mass states that calorie intake should be more than what you burn, and there is nothing easier than being able to measure the exact amount of the food and drinks that your are taking. With the MyGrams scale you are not only given the opportunity to measure everything, but it would also be sitting comfortable in your pocket.


Just the scale isn’t enough.

Simply knowing how much your food weighs isn’t enough, one need to know the amount of calories, carbs proteins and other nutrient facts about the food. This is why our app has a huge database, containing the nutrient information of almost every food out there. The MyGrams Application also allows you record every single intake that you have.

Easy and fast to work with.

Connect with over 7 apps

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What Makes The Scale Unique

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