Be in Charge of Your Nutrition.

The convenience of your portable scale and diet assistant – all in your pocket.

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How the MyGrams scale works

Step 1

Turn on the MyGrams Application and select the product you want to weight.

Step 2

Place your product on the scale and press “Weight”.

Step 3

The weight and all nutrition facts will be displayed on your screen.

Some of the things that MyGrams excels at!


Your own healthy lifestyle companion.

Many of us know how difficult it is to be exact when being on a diet. If you want to monitor your daily food intakes and know whether you are strict with your current diet rules, then MyGrams is the perfect tool for you. With the pocket scale along with our App, you can have a constant and accurate measure of everything you eat and drink throughout the day. It has never been easier!


Your personal fitness assistant.

With MyGrams you have the convenience of measuring and monitoring your fitness additives intake! We know very well how important the dosage of fitness powders is when one is after serious result when it comes to carving the best body possible. With the MyGrams scale and App you would have complete overlook and control over your diet and supplements intake!


A unique diabetic aid instrument.

We understand very well how hard and restricting  living with diabetes could be, this is why we wanted to help people suffering from it. We have specially designed App features that go hand in hand with the MyGrams scale, that would help every person who lives with this condition.

For example one of the features we have included is a medicine intake reminder, which takes the role of your personal medicine intake alarm. All you have to do is set the correct time and dosage, that your doctor prescribed you, and that is left to you is follow it.

The app that ties it all together.

It is very hard to know the exact amount of water, food or food additives that you take throughout the day. This is why have developed a multi-feature app that works together with our MyGrams scale, Keeping track of your diet has never been easier!

Easy and fast to work with.

What Makes The Scale Unique

 Easy to Use

Just place the product on the scale and select it in the MyGrams App.


With it being only 6mm thick, the scale is always by your side.

Nutrition Data

Count everything from carbs over calories to proteins.

Achieve Goals

Keep track of what you’re eating and reach your targets quicker.

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